Running Horse, Bracknell

Description: This spralling venue has been sub-divided up into smaller seating areas, the bolt hole, the executive suit, etc. There is a small dance floor with disco lighting in front of the stage by the main bar. To the right is a restaurant, the hungry horse. Beers on offer include Fosters, Carling, Stella Artois, Kronenbourg 1664, Guiness, also Magners and Strongbow cider, bottled beers, wines and spirits. There are a few continental style high tables near the stage, the best place to sit to see the performance, and low wooden ones further back with long sofas to chill out with friends. The Entertainment is provided by fruit and quiz machines, with several large LCD Tvs for sports. There were a handful of over 40s there, but most of the customers were younger. Live music on Friday nights with a disco on Saturday nights. They are also running a talent contest.

Address: London Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 2UJ

Tel: 01344 425215

Map: Find the Running Horse on Google maps

Bands: Blue Beyond : Debbie Giles Band, The : Rhythm Pigs, The :

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  1. Not been here for a while, what a surprise, Its been taken over by a female manager, she's got rid of most of the yobs but obviously there are still some, although they are confined to the bar area. Food quality has drastically improved. Beer is good, took my family there and the kids were given balloons and activity packs, that's a first. Must say never thought a female manager would hack it there but she seem to have made a great start. Staff are all friendly and they seem to enjoy being there now. What's that saying?? A woman's touch.