Boileroom, Guildford

Description: This venue has recently been refurbished and extended. Most of the bare brickwork walls have been covered over and painted a deep blood red. The unused area where the small bar used to be, now has a white wall, onto which they can project various images and information about who's playing. The most visible change though, is the long-awaited removal of the two vertical steel girders from in front of the stage, which is now straight, rather than curved. All these alterations together with a smaller sound booth and an extension housing new toilets has increased the venue's capacity to 300.  
   The walls are decorated with posters advertising forthcoming events, as well as menus for the in-house noodle bar. There is also a plethora of posters plastered to the ceiling by the bar, highlighting past glories. Familiar names include The Martin Harley Band, The Parlotones, The Great Outdoors, and Subsource. These are illuminated by a string of fairy lights, left over from christmas.
   The stage now features improved LED lighting and speaker stacks. There is also a new removable security barrier to prevent persistent over-enthusiastic fans from climbing on stage. This was in heavy demand on a recent visit to see the Sex Pistols Experience, although I'm used to being in the thick of it at the front, and even with a small mostly friendly crowd, I can see a possible crush hazard. But rest assured cause if a fight ever did break out, all the pint glasses are almost indestructible plastic.
   This is a very versatile space that can be easily used for a multitude of different events simply by the addition or removal of tables and poofs (I'm sorry but I just can't find any other word to describe two-foot high square or cylindrical padded blocks) answers on a postcard please. There are also wooden benches fixed to the walls on the stage side of the room  The main bar remains much the same offering Carling, Gaymer's Cider, Grolsch, Guinness, Red Stripe, various bottled beers as well as Jagermeister and other spirits, fruity cocktails and wine by the glass.
   The Boileroom is also home to the Sizzling Wok, their speciality noodle bar offering a wide selection of curries, soups, rice and seafood dishes. There is also a smokng area/beer garden (roughly 40sqft) at the back, with a modern well-designed canopy and wooden benches. It can be accessed through an airlock, and only when the lights are green. But don't worry, it's not one of those where all the oxygen gets sucked out, so you can't breathe. I have enjoyed many a great night of live music here in the past five years since it opened, and look forward to a great deal more, now its even better.

Address: 13 Stokefields, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4LS

Tel: 01483 440022

Website: or http://www.facebbook/theboileroom

Street Team: help by distributing leaflets and flyers in the local area and earn free entry to some gigs, and other goodies, find out more by e-mailing Lydia -

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