Bed Bar, Woking

Description: This large venue on two floors includes a nightclub and a bar. As I was never in "The Albion" or any of the other more recent reincarnations of this locality, its hard to judge whats changed. The bar is on the lower floor and has plenty of tables and chairs (well I'm sure they are somebody's idea of a chair, maybe a non-humaniod who prefers to sit in a box-crate, with steel tube legs (thats the so-called chair not the creature.) I feel that it must have been designed by the same person that does so many hotel bars. Sadly most of the staff seem as doppy as the dozing chinese daity, behind the bar, and you wonder why its called the BED bar. Apart from this, the area has a good atmosphere and acoustics, though I think I would have placed the stage at the end by the quite stylish, if a little dated Beatles portraits. If only they could find someone to sort out the lighting. It has two setting, blindingly bright or too dark to see. Also I am not a fan of these establishments that think bar snacks (crisps, peanuts, etc) are too common for them. You need something to munch on while you slurp. Live music every Thursday (free) and Friday night (free before 10:30pm).

Address: Church Path, Woking, Surrey, GU21 1EL

Tel: 01483 599200

Website: or

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