White House, Guildford

Description: This is a large venue with high ceilings. Most of the walls are magnolia, apart from those behind the bar, which are green. The walls are decorated with old photographs of daily life in Guildford in years gone by, and a multitude of blackboards with menu info and special offers. On the left hand side is a area with a glass roof and also a patio by the canal. It has no shortage of wooden tables and chairs. Its the type of venue that comes alive around 10pm, at other times it can look quite empty.

Address: 8 High Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4AJ

Tel: 01483 302006

Map: Find The White House, Guildford on Google Maps


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  1. The Goldilocks of Guildford pubs - everything is "just right"!

    MCMLXVIII - Surely it's the Baby Bear of pubs if everythings just right?